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What “Goal Traders” is?

It’s the complete platform , all in one (Ai1), with all the tools you need to begin the profession of a sports trader.


Pre match stats

The best team stats on web. Over/Under, HT, home, away, minutes, formations, standings and much more.

Live stats

Live stats, shots, attack and performance indexes , compared in live with past stats, charts and much.

Value stats

Value stats (for Value Bet): odds with their real statistic value.

10 y stats archive

Our archives keeps more than 10+ years of statistic records.

Search stats

Most advanced search engine on web in your hands to combine stats in order to reach a profitable match!

Team stats

All the last informations on teams, main players, on bench, roles, players performances in live and much more.

Money Management

Personal panel to manage your bank: save and store your progressions by strategy or yeld.

Social Betting platf.

Post and share your bets with the community, comments other members bets and follow your favourite tipsters.

Instant Feed Tips

Tips and alerts, pre match and live comes instantly on your feed page.

betting simulator

Betting simulator

Bet and cash out without waste a dime. Emulate your bets and make tests in a realistic way same as a bookie!

Data collection

Collect data and find out its potentials. The history of your bets: segment and analyze them.

Personal statistics

The stats of your matches and the profits of your bets will be calculated automatically.

Operative alerts

Pre match, live and cashout alerts with high yeld that you can copy and replicate for your bets.

Betting Strategies

Follow the strategies of your favourite tipsters and create and tests your own strategies.

+160 Leagues Data

Data available from more than 160+ leagues worldwide, cups and minor leagues included.

Financial Statistics

Analyze your trades using advanced financial tools: charts, filters, patterns. Find your hedges and improve your profits.


Find the most profitable teams and leagues with validated ROI and Win Rate in minutes.

Past Odds

You can search past odds minute by minute for all the mains markets. Pre match and live.

All Devices

Platform available and optimized for all devices: PC, laptop, smartphones and mobile devices.

All bookies

Use our informations to make your bets on any bookmaker type: betting exchange or traditional.

100% online

Save space and memory on your device accessing at the platform at any time 24/7, from anywhere.

Expert support

Just ask for help to our experts, we will stand by you.

Video tutorials

Our video tutorials to learn a better use of the tools and the platform itself.


What you need to be successful in trading in addition to discipline are informations…that’s the way to take advantage in your favour of the so-called: STATISTICAL ADVANTAGE 

What you need is a set of tools, fast, accurate and reliable that give you a clear idea of what will happen in a match ….

dominating informations which many others don’t have…. is what will bring you in profit consistently!

Nicola Defonte – CEO Sospeso softwares – Sport Trader

Pricing Plans:

Sospeso WEB plan

39,95 €


— or  —

365 € per year, only 1 € per day.

You will SAVE 114,40 € per year.

for yearly subscribers only

VIP – full plan

79,90 €

59,95 €


— or  —

719,40 € per year, only 599,50 € .

You will SAVE 119,50 € per year.

for yearly subscribers only

Statistics plan

39,95 €


— or  —

365 € per year, only 1 € per day.

You will SAVE 114,40 € per year.

for yearly subscribers only

Premium plan


49,95 €


VIP – full plan

6 months

299,70 €

pay 5 get 6 months

249,95 €


179,70 € per half year, for FREE

VIP – full plan


599,40 €

pay 10 get 12 months 

499,95 €


359,40 € per year, for FREE